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Apologetics Syllabus - Male Apologetics Syllabus - Female Life Applications Life Applications is a Bible course that concentrates on four areas of Biblical study.

This course will consider biblical standards for living, look at examples of how to live a Christ-centered life, and provide opportunities for incorporating life skills in your daily life. 2th grade girls who have already taken Apologetics or Life Applications.

A Woman of Worth Syllabus Return to Course List English 9 Ninth grade English continues to build on the sequential review and development of grammar and communication skills in writing.

Literary genres will include: poetry, short stories, personal diaries, nonfiction essays, a novel, and drama.

Students will be able to study the classic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, and also the drama Our Town.

The three major areas of consideration are atheism, pantheism, and monotheism and how to deal with each of them according to the truth of Christianity.

Life Applications Syllabus - Male Life Applications Syllabus - Female Global Studies Global Studies is an elective course for high school students.

Students study core subjects, including language arts, mathematics, history, and science, and choose from an ever-growing variety of electives including Bible and Spanish.

New electives are added regularly to the curriculum selection.

The Book of James - studies related to the author, major themes, and practical applications that can be drawn from the book.

Topics to include: humility, perseverance, working faith, self-control, and heavenly versus earthly wisdom.

English 9 Syllabus English 9 Reading List English 10 English 10 undertakes the study of the literature of the ancient civilizations (Hebrew, Greek, Roman, etc.) and European literature during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, The Age of Rationalism, the Romantics and Realists, and the literature of the Modern world.